What are a few things you can do to take your business to the next level? by Roger Grona – Firebird Business Consulting – Saskatoon


What are a few things you can do to take your business to the next level? What does a person or business need to do to do this? Is your goal large enough? Are you taking the right steps and actions to get you closer to that target? I will do my best to simplify and cover off some of the more important things to reach that next level in your business or personal life.

Remember…..”What got your business to this point isn’t going to be what’s going to get your business where you want it to go.” Basically yesterday and today’s plan and actions need to be different and a new change is needed to get different results for growth and development.

First you need to have a high level plan and then mini plans that get you closer to that ultimate goal or agenda. Your high level plan is what you vision your company to be at that larger state. Your mini plans are what are the steps or rungs in the ladder that are the actions you have to take to achieve that. For example; your larger goal – you vision your business to be a multi-million dollar year company with different divisions. Your mini-plans are then breaking the larger vision into smaller pieces. Maybe you need to focus on one target then branch off the opportunities into different divisions. This works great when your divisions don’t over lap and actually target a different clientele. For example one product or division caters to a higher income bracket while your other division caters to more of an entry level product. Creating more overall company revenue and not competing for the same client between divisions and you end up not “stealing from Peter to pay Paul”. This example has created a business growth strategy.

You will then need to start to develop a strategy with the mini-steps needed to achieve smaller goals. The trick is to be disciplined!! We are constantly bombarded with life’s daily challenges and that can distract us from our strategy, pulling us away from the smaller goals. We can easily get wrapped up in doing the stuff that keeps our business alive and not focusing on development and growth. The key is knowing which smaller things can wait or not be done at all, without sacrificing customer service and revenue.

Secondly does your personal and business plan compliment one another? If they don’t, you need to adjust them so they fuel one another. Trying to execute personal and business plans that contradict one another can be very stressful. Simplicity and focus is key. Saying it’s impossible to have different goals, makes planning harder when they don’t align. I ask if the necessary people in your life are in agreement or at least understand what it’s going to take to reach that goal. It is imperative to include them, making sure they have an understanding of the whole picture.

Thirdly – how are you measuring these targets or rungs on the ladder? Remember your timelines and try and stick to them. Bare in mind your ultimate goal. Staying positive is part of stress relief that will keep you focused and energized on your mini-wins.

The fourth thing is make sure you know what you are venturing into and that you ask advice. Hire a professional, or find someone who can give you advice and will minimize your risk and capitalize on the opportunity. I have met more than my fair share of business owners who have hired me to help out after they are into a bad scenario and they wish they would have asked for help earlier. Sometimes the decisions that you think are harmless can sometimes have catastrophic consequences to your business. Take a few seconds and ask for advice before you sign that deal, or sign that lease agreement, or if you decide to bring in a partner, etc. etc etc.

Fifth thing is understanding that your business will evolve, this evolution will change your people’s roles and responsibilities within the company. Make sure you communicate that to your employees. Because when things change, your staff’s feelings can be affected. For example; maybe you bring in a marketing manager, and one of your current employees was expecting that position. Or you bring in a sales person and revenue increases and it puts stress on a certain department. Try and pay attention to how the growth is affecting your company and who it is affecting internally and externally. For example; be careful what you promise, or at least, tell your employees, why you can’t fulfill that promise.

I also understand that going to the next level takes courage, risk and confidence. You, family,your Company and staff are stepping out of their comfort zone. Sometimes just getting by isn’t good enough…..No risks No rewards!! You have to be confident enough to stay the course all the while making sure you are looking at market intel, opportunities and external factors. Don’t only stay focused on the plan pay attention to what is going on because you might have to change your strategy and plan. You might miss an opportunity if you are focused only on your plan and can’t see the forest for the trees. The same thing applies vice-versa, don’t just be busy for the sake of being busy, make sure you are making progress towards the Plan.

Try not to make this personal, try and make this about your business and your goals. A piece of advice……don’t do things to hit your goal that you will ultimately regret. The one thing no one can buy is your ethics. Take the high road, it might take you a bit longer, but you’ll be able to sleep good at night.

Know what that next step is…What is it? Is it bringing in a product? Is it hiring a certain person in your company? Sales person, marketing person, Customer service rep, is it adding a service to your company? etc., etc., etc…. Again, make sure you are taking the next step that gets you closer to your larger goal.

Finally once you reach the target/goal that you never thought you would reach…. put a different plan or strategy in place with the same principles. Best of luck!!!

A friendly reminder, look after yourself. This should be a positive experience.

I go into more detail on this subject on this radio blog: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/pooler/2013/02/18/an-interview-with-roger-grona

Best of luck in your goals, future and to a prosperous future!!

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