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You have studied your analytics and have come up with a good (or even great) advertising campaign. You are not 100 percent happy with your results. The results were decent for your advertising, the prospects came but only a few became clients. This is not the first time this has happened. Are you feeling like your sales closing could be more effective? This is a common question by business owners.

Here are some questions you need to consider as a business owner, manager or sales professional. Let’s assume we are talking about a medium or large sized business. Do you have the right people in place? Do they smile, have the right attitude, work hard, believe in what they are selling, and do you discuss the leads with your sales people to see what they could have done to convert the lead into business? Do you have a sales training program in place for your sales consultants? Or do you assume you are doing all the right the things and it just wasn’t a fit? Do you tell yourself it was the lead, rather than your sales process, that was the reason the client didn’t purchase?

The key to growing business and making your sales process stronger is to pay attention to your business after the advertising has brought people through your door. It’s great to analyze your advertising but you need to convert your prospects into clients, or at least build enough trust that they pass your name on to a future referral.

Always evaluate your process – know your client

1) Make sure you are talking to the decision maker(s).

2) What’s inside your company’s marketing material (sales packages/kits) that you are giving to your prospects?

3) Do you keep track of your leads and evaluate where the customer is in the process?

4) What questions are you asking?

5) Understanding which prospects to spend time with is critical.

6) Ask for the business

These are just a few highlights that can help your sales process and strategy. If you are looking for help and are interested in discussing

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