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When was the last time that you truly dissected your market? Or have you ever? Where does your company sit in comparison to your competitors? Understanding your industry and where it’s heading is vital to the success of your business. How is technology influencing your market? Who are competitors? What is the size of your market? How much market share does your company have? What are some buying patterns of your clientele and are they changing? What scenarios do you need to consider if the market changes? These are a few of the questions that we work on answering for your business.

A good solid market analysis combined with a sound business strategy will allow for sustainability and growth. Assessing your services and your competitor’s services and what trends are happening in your industry can help in determining where you are heading. We analyze your business along with you, discuss then what needs to be changed, what are your strengths and your company and industry risks. This will give you a good lay of the land and will help in determining how you need to market your company, how you need to build out your revenue model and what are some of the major and minor risks you are facing. Analyzing your competitor’s services and strength in the market compliments the gathering of information. We also discuss other markets and get an understanding what and how other businesses operate. This will help to compare how your business operates as well as maybe find a new service to add or a new revenue pillar, allowing for more revenue or a competitive advantage in your market.

FINALLY looking at other markets to consider prior to expanding into them. What are all your options? Should you even expand into those markets? Most times CEO’s / Business Owners / Entrepreneurs just go into a market because they think it makes sense. They truly don’t do a full assessment and a trip to the market to visually observe the market. Spending some time researching upfront can help avoid making costly mistakes by bad business growth. It’s harder to fix mistakes once you have committed and didn’t asses the market properly. Potentially you have hired new staff, entered into a new lease agreement, bought equipment etc.

Knowledge is power.

Give us a call and we can discuss what your company needs and what’s the scope of work needed to assess your market and potential?

The mission statement for Firebird Business Consulting Ltd. (business and management consultants) is to “commit and provide business owners a strategy to dominate and lead their industry for profitable growth”.

Firebird Business Consulting Ltd. has an excellent track record business consulting (coaching) with business of all sizes from start-ups to 100+ million plus annual revenue.

Our 1-on-1 personal interview style helps us to understand your goals and concerns. We help in sales and business development acting as your business consultant. Identifying your opportunities and risks going forward.

We consult and help you create a plan to meet your short and long term goals for your business. The key to your success is the execution of our/your plan.

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Rise from the ashes. Burst into flames and go to the next level with Firebird Business Consulting Ltd.

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Succession Planning – Succession – Firebird Business Consulting Ltd. – Saskatoon – Regina – Prince Albert

After several years or a lifetime of hard work and dedication, many business owners struggle with succession planning. Do you know who the right people are to take over the business? Do you have a plan or buyers or a plan for succession? You may have trained people for years, who are capable to take over, but may not have the money to buy the business. Sometimes your ideal buyer is way closer than you think and you just can’t see it because you are so deeply involved in every aspect of the business you haven’t been able to look around. You may want to take money off the table, but probably still care about what happens after you’re gone.

We work with business owners to create a succession plan where the exiting owner is paid a fair value while the existing management become our partners. We work with the new management team to continue driving the business forward and often times, use revenue from the business to pay out the owner while creating a successful exit without giving up your legacy

Selling a business or passing it along to family is truly a process, not an event. If your succession plans is in place within your company already, we work with you on getting those individuals ready to take over the business. We discuss all your options in succession of your business. Is it a family member? Employee? Outside party looking at acquiring a partial or full interest in the business? What are the current roles of everyone involved and what would the new roles and responsibilities look like.

Firebird Business Consulting Ltd. helps everyone involved achieve the ultimate goal of transition. Is capital going to be required? If so, how much is needed? We can discuss traditional finance options and work with you and your current financial partners or, we can connect you the right type of investment partner to provide the capital needed.  We have established relationships with other non-traditional options to raise capital.

Planning well in advance of a business changing hands will help the transition go as smoothly as possible. We have the business consulting experience to help prepare the business for this transition or sale while keeping the right people in place to continue operating the business.

Succession Planning takes time and usually 1-2 years to fully materialize. Sometimes quicker and other times longer depending on multiple factors. A good succession plan will create a win for all parties involved. The people that want to exit can and the people that want to carry on the new ownership can. Or maybe it’s about the current ownership finding a way to stay involved but in a different way with different responsibilities.

A good succession plan will make the company stronger, not weaker. It’s about the plan and working all the scenarios. We have experience in restructuring business and executing solid succession plans. Succession won’t happen on its own, and if no planning or due diligence is done it can make for a much more challenging situation. Companies that don’t plan for succession end up eventually folding with no chance of continuing on.

Contact Firebird Business Consulting Ltd for your one hour free no-obligation meeting and see if it makes sense for us to work together on your succession plan and strategy.

Our 1-on-1 personal interview style helps us to understand your goals and concerns. We help in sales and business development acting as your business consultant. Identifying your opportunities and risks going forward.

We consult and help you create a plan to meet your short and long term goals for your business. The key to your success is the execution of our/your plan.

For more information on our team, about us or our services go to:

Rise from the ashes. Burst into flames and go to the next level with Firebird Business Consulting Ltd.

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Appreciate the people that help you and have helped you – Roger Grona – Business Consultant – CEO – Investor

Appreciate the people that help you and have helped you. Back in the day I had an amazing mentor his name was Louis Dupuis. For those of you who don’t know, Louis was one of the owners (with his brother Gene) of Prairie Meats, a very large successfully family ran butcher shop in Saskatoon. My company that I was at the time CEO of Buffalo Bill’s Food Products Ltd was a customer of Prairie Meats.

I looked and interviewed many places to manufacture our products before settling into an agreement with Prairie Meats to manufacture our product. It wasn’t just the customer service and product that I was impressed with, it was the business knowledge of the owners of Prairie Meats. 

Louis would invite me into his office and we would sit and visit, anywhere from 2-4 hours a week. We would talk sales, the market, operations, marketing, economy and everything else associated with business. I learned a lot from our discussions. He was one of the smartest guys I ever knew in business. He told me how Gene and him had grown their business, their risks, the ups and downs and their successes. I enjoyed listening to his stories about being an entrepreneur.

I asked him one time why he gave me all that time? He said he enjoyed the conversations and one of the last things he ever said to me (I will never forget it) was,”Kid – you know how to work and your doing the right things, keep doing what your doing, never give up on what you want to do!” As much as I valued our conversations at that time, it wasn’t until my late thirties and early forties that I truly appreciated the value of those discussions and how much they forged my desire to be better at business.

Louis passed away when in 2006 when I wasn’t living in Saskatoon. To this day I volunteer on quite a few boards and try and help the upcoming entrepreneurs as much as I can….just as Louis shared his stories and lessons with me.

Rest easy my friend – thank you for all our chats 

Expecting things to change without putting in any effort is like waiting for a ship at the airport – Firebird Business Consulting Ltd. – Saskatoon

Expecting things to change without putting in any effort is like waiting for a ship at the airport

Rise from the ashes. Burst into flames and go to the next level with Firebird Business Consulting Ltd.

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Never give up. Great things take time – Firebird Business Consulting Ltd. – Saskatoon – Regina – Sask. – Canada

Never give up. Great things take time
Rise from the ashes. Burst into flames and go to the next level with Firebird Business Consulting Ltd.

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Always proud to promote our partners – about Firebird Business Ventures – FBV – Business Accelerator – Investor

We are always proud to promote our partners…..

Check out FBV – Firebird Business Ventures Ltd.

Firebird Business Ventures Ltd – business incubator – business accelerator – partnerships – shareholder – investor and opportunities in equity partnerships.

Firebird Business Ventures Ltd. management consulting services (consists of 6 investors/owners who are all directors – 5 of the owners make up the Senior Management Team) helps manage by creating a plan for growth and long-term sustainability. This is done by having an invested interest and partnership in the business. This invested interest and partnership can consist of providing direction at a CEO level, Business and/or Management Consulting, Marketing, Sales or a Financial Investment depending on the business opportunity.

We have experience in managing and building successful business models at all levels…start-ups to multi-million dollar companies

Check it out at:

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Roger Grona – TEC Chair – The Executive Committee – Saskatoon

Roger Grona is Chair for TEC Canada (The Executive Committee) Saskatoon. This is a true honor and privilege to work with such a great organization.

About TEC – The Executive Committee

TEC Canada is the country’s pre-eminent leadership development organization. For more than 50 years, we have helped business leaders reach the highest professional success and to balance their achievements with family and personal realities. Our approach to leadership growth is based on three strategic pillars – confidential forums chaired by an accomplished leader, the best in business thinking, and a global vision through our premier affiliate, Vistage International. The result is dramatic personal and professional development and exceptional enterprise advancement. TEC’s vision is to position Canadian business for regional, national and global success. 

To learn more, visit 

About the Chair position – TEC (The Executive Committee)

TEC Chairs are some of the most accomplished and respected business leaders in Canada. They’re passionate individuals with impressive resumes. It’s an honour to have such a great roster of coaches to provide to our members.

Chairing is a combination of listening and coaching, and a blend of pushing and waiting. At TEC a Chair helps drive business development, network to find prospects and connect members to the right people to aid their success. It’s the  Chair’s job to cultivate the best group dynamic and foster group connection that drives impact for its members.

As a Chair Roger Grona will:

  • Facilitate group meetings and hold members accountable.
  • Mentor and guide members to achieve their goals.
  • Help members create action plans to tackle issues.
  • Meet one-to-one with members to identify leadership challenges and opportunities.
  • Select relevant speakers from TEC’s exclusive database to maximize the impact for your group(s).

Roger is very proud of his Metis heritage. His ancestry is traced back to the 1700’s in the Red River Settlement. He is an Entrepreneur, Business Consultant, Investor and CEO. Roger is the Founder and CEO of Firebird Business Consulting Ltd. Founder, Business Partner and CEO of Firebird Business Ventures Ltd., Investor and Business Partner(ed) in Rethink and Diversify Securities IncVenture Market (online exempt market portal), Hall of Fame Coaching (HOF), Aslan Capital Saskatchewan Inc. and a very minor investor in Holmes Approved Homes. Roger is also a Chair for TEC Canada (The Executive Committee).

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Roger Grona (C.E.O) Firebird Business Consulting Ltd. – Invited to speak at Speech Language Network

Speech Language Network 
6 week – Professional Communication Training ProgramWhat does diaphragmatic breathing, body language, voice and understanding the art and science behind personalities and connecting with others have in common? EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION.

Communication is a powerful force in our social age. From career opportunities to social circles, strong communication skills can mark the difference between struggles and success, self-consciousness and confidence.
I am beyond proud of the progress this awesome group made over the past six weeks and am excited to hear about their continued successes academically and professionally.A big shout out to;

Roger Grona, CEO of Firebird Business Consulting and Business Ventures, Ltd for bringing industry and communication skills full circle for our group.

I also want to thank, Jana Danielson –Founder of Lead Pilates Integrated Health and Fitness Center for coaching our diaphragmatic breathing class, the foundation for all speech related tasks.

Our next program launches October 2018. To register, please call 306 933 3222 and/or visit our website at

Firebird Business Consulting & Business Ventures –

Lead Pilates Integrated Health and Fitness Center –

 — with Roger Grona atSpeech Language Network.

Thank you so much for the invite Kara I had an amazing time!! Looking forward to doing this again 🙂


Roger Grona

CEO – Firebird Business Consulting Ltd/Firebird Business Ventures Ltd.

The power of imagination makes us infinite – Firebird Business Consulting Ltd. – blog – quotes page

The power of imagination makes us infinite – John Muir

For more information on our team, about us or our services go to:

– John Muir

For more information on our team, about us or our services go to:

RFP’s, Grant and Business Plan Writer Services – Firebird Business Consulting Ltd. – Saskatoon – Regina – Sask. Canada

Greg – RFP’s, Grant and Business Plan Writer. He’s a little shy, by does amazing work! Greg is a Senior Business Plan Writer for Firebird Business Consulting Ltd.. Greg likes to be behind the scenes and enjoys working with all clients from all over Saskatchewan and Canada. Greg has worked over 20 years in the corporate industry involved in business planning and project management. Over the past 4 years he has written over 70 business plans for Entrepreneurs across multiple industry sectors. His academic background is in Marketing and Business Administration.

Greg takes pride in his work and a satisfied client is top priority. He spends the right amount of time consulting our clients through the business plan writing process, research time, development and revisions to the business plan, a finally he walks a client through the plan and a one month warranty for follow up consultation or minor changes to plan.

The business plans Greg create are personalized and quite detailed.

Business plan outline is as follows;
Cover page
Executive Summary
Business Environment & Operations
Human Resource Plan
Marketing Plan
Finance Plan
Risk Assessment Plan
Regulations, Licensing and Permit Summary
Appendixes including 3 year Financial Forecasting and supporting documentation most often required by Lenders.

Rise from the ashes. Burst into flames and go to the next level with Firebird Business Consulting Ltd.

#NextLevel #Success #ConsultingConsultants #FirebirdBusinessConsulting#Saskatoon #yxe #GrowthSpeciaists #RevenueStrategists#BusinessDevelopment #Strategy #StrategicPlanning #Branding#BusinessPlans #BusinessConsulting #ManagementConsulting#SocialMedia #Advertising #WebsiteDevelopment #Saskatchewan #Sask#BusinessConsultants #Canada #UnitedStates