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I was searching the internet the other day and stumbled across this quote from legend entrepreneur Henry Ford “You can’t build a reputation on what you are going to do”.

Too many times people want us or ask us to buy into what the potential could be for their business venture, idea or dream. Most times we don’t even truly know the character or background to these individuals asking us to “buy in”.

I believe I buy into people that have a track record. Their track record (reputation) must include hard work, vision, they must be a nice person, and finally they must be able to make things happen. They don’t just talk, they actually do things…..they “walk the walk and talk the talk”. I believe we look deeper into the individual after they pass these basic requirements. I look back and when I have bought into an individual or idea that I shouldn’t have, it was because they or the idea didn’t meet up to one of the 4 elements.

The best way to find out if they will do what they say they are going to do is….give that individual some action items. Do they do these actions? Or do they at least try and do the action items you asked them to do? If they don’t at least make an attempt to do these items, then walk away. My advice to the individuals that cannot produce actions is to stop wasting peoples’ time and start providing value. If you are the one asking for someone’s help, remember most times you are asking for profits from a person or company. Understand that and respect it. If you are asking for time from an individual make sure you aren’t wasting their time. Do your homework, think of questions they might ask you, and then try to have answers to those questions before you meet with them. Preparing to answer those questions will make you look like you have done your homework and have vision.

If you find that an individual does the action items you requested of them, this is probably a relationship worth building on. In most cases it develops into a long lasting business relationship or becomes a great addition to your network. People that build their reputation on actions typically know how to provide value or pay it forward.

I have built my business model on this foundation. I have built it on my track record and my reputation on these words. My advice to is do the same. Success leaves tracks, it doesn’t just appear.

Best of luck in your goals, future and to a prosperous future!!

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“You can’t build a reputation on what you are going to do”- Henry Ford

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