Traits of a Successful Entrepreneur – by Roger Grona – Firebird Business Consulting – Saskatoon


Business nowadays is constantly evolving and business success is harder than ever. In today’s business world entrepreneurs are having to be well rounded in multiple areas. Successful entrepreneurs demonstrate specific traits.

1) Vision – Successful entrepreneurs have great vision and can see success with the end in mind. They start from that ultimate vision and work backwards to today. They create a strategy and plan that will get them there. Typically they have one major vision and smaller ones to help them get to their ultimate goal. The smaller steps are seen as steps to get to the “grand prize”. Smaller steps allow them to adjust to the ever changing market while never taking their eyes off the “bigger vision/goal”.

2) Work Hard – Most people look at having your own business as not having to answer to someone while having the flexibility to do and act the way you want. Yes the flexibility exists but the top percentage of business owners and leaders work very hard to achieve that success. They work long days and do what it takes to reach their goals.

3) Risk – They take the initial leap into entrepreneur-ism and then continue to constantly step out of their comfort zone. They don’t go into the risk blind. The most successful have definitely done their homework. Risk can never be eliminated but it sure can be minimized by taking the proper steps and doing the right preparation. After all the homework has been done, the risk turns into opportunity.

4) Influencing People / Communication – Great leaders and business people usually have a way of communicating, have strong charisma and lots of character. They have a way of having people “buy-in” to the individual and business.

5) Great at Sales (Selling) – They have the ability to sell and ask the proper questions to move business forward.

6) Know How to Create Opportunities – They are great at creating opportunities for their “circle of influence” or potential business relationships.

7) Have mentors – They understand the value in having a coach/mentor or consultant to learn from in order to minimize risks and create good fortune.

8) No B.S – they are straight shooters and will tell someone if they disagree. The honest approach is what other people or clients respect and this is the reason clients do business with that person.

9) Take Responsibility – They take full responsibility for the “bad things” that happen and give credit to the appropriate people for successes.

10) Team Player – Even if their company is a one person show they are a team player. They are members of organizations, they volunteer, they join chambers of commerce. They rely on their circle of influence and access them as part of their team when needed.

11) They can sleep well at night – Successful people treat other people with respect. They are successful because people enjoy to be around them and trust them.

12) They help others – They understand what has contributed to their success and see the value in “giving back”. They mentor others, advocate for good causes, volunteer or just be there when other people need them.

13) Surround themselves with key people – Successful people don’t pretend to know about things outside of their expertise. They recognize their limitations and access professionals to help them out when needed. This allows them to make smarter choices and less mistakes.

14) Confidence – Successful entrepreneurs are confident because they believe in their goals. Confidence should not be confused for arrogance.

15) Passion – They truly love what they do. They eat-it, drink-it, sleep-it and want to be the best at what they do. They are always looking to find better ways to improve an industry or to be innovative.

I know some people that are reading this are going to know others that don’t fall into this category, or people who have stepped on others’ backs to get what they want. I want to point out that those people do NOT have typical “Traits of a Successful Entrepreneur”. They are the EXCEPTIONS to the rule.

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