Michael Del Bel, MBA, MS – Sr. Business Consultant – Toronto, Ontario – Market Analysis, Assessments


Michael Del Bel, MBA, MS, a graduate of the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University, has been a business consultant for public and private sector organizations since 2013. Throughout his career, Michael has been able to develop and launch new products which have generated over $500 Million in sales, provide business management recommendations for companies in four continents and teach business strategy fundamentals to fourth year university students. Michael brings a wealth of experience in Market Analysis, Marketing Strategy, New product Analysis, Revenue Growth, Strategic Planning and Competitive Advantage development.

As the Manager of New Product Development at the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation, Michael managed the market research, product development and go-to-market plans for the Watch ‘N Win Category. The products Michael helped bring from idea to market of have generated over $500 Million in sales. This experience allowed Michael to manage marketing and brand management for a start-up technology seeking to provide its regulatory compliance software to financial services and investment management companies. By repositioning the software marketing to better align with the needs of customers, Workiva successfully grew to a $3 Billion+ publicly traded company.

To share his market analysis, product development and brand building experience with more companies, Michel joined the consulting firm LEVEL5 Strategy Group. In his consulting role, Michael worked with senior executives from multiple organizations to design a differentiated Identity Theft subscription service for a financial services client which gained white-label distribution through multiple banks and credit unions in the USA. 

To develop world-class leadership skills, Michael joined Proctor & Gamble. At Proctor & Gamble, Michael worked with sales, strategy and marketing professionals to manage the development and implementation of innovative information collection and reporting systems. The systems Michael designed and implemented enabled the Canadian Leadership Team to receive comprehensive monthly KPI reports with organization-wide data from all lines of business. 

Michael was motivated to return to business strategy consulting after a former colleague recruited him to help solve business development challenges faced by Lottery operators around the world to generate revenue for good causes. In partnership with one of the most trusted company serving the Lottery industry, Michael has developed through-leadership presentations, portfolio management plans and brand-product management methodologies used to ensure the achievement sales targets by delighting customers.

To help the careers of the next generation of business strategy professionals, Michael began teaching Business Strategy and Policy to fourth year university students. By taking the time to understand the challenges faced by students, focusing on only the most essential aspects of business strategy and teaching important strategy concepts which are not in the textbook, Michael has been able to develop transformational changes in the quality of work produced by his students.

In addition to consulting and teaching, Michael manages the due diligence process for Rethink & Diversify Securities. The role allows him to partner with entrepreneurs seeking capital for their businesses. Michael assesses the viability of business models, stress tests financial models and ensures alignment between business operators and financial investors. Rethink & Diversify Securities has helped Canadian investors invest over $50 Million with Canadian entrepreneurs over the past 4 years.


Michael Del Bel, MBA, MS - Sr. Business Consultant - Toronto, Ontario - Market Analysis, Assessments

Michael Del Bel, MBA, MS – Sr Business Consultant 

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