Happy Birthday Canada!! Celebrating 150 years – Firebird Business Consulting – Saskatoon – yxe – Canada

Happy Birthday Canada!! Celebrating 150 years 😀

Best Country in the World!!


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Firebird Business Consulting Ltd – Sales Training Services – Business Development – Sales Consulting – Sales Development – Revenue Growth – Better Profits Servicing Saskatchewan areas – Saskatoon – Regina – Prince Albert – Moose Jaw – North Battleford

Firebird Business Consulting Ltd – Sales Training Services – Business Development – Sales Consulting – Sales Development – Revenue Growth – Better Profits

Servicing Saskatchewan areas – Saskatoon – Regina – Prince Albert – Moose Jaw – North Battleford

Business Development – Sales Consulting – Sales Training

Firebird Business Consulting Ltd. can work with your sales person(s), sales team, management and owners to help make the changes needed to achieve your desired sales targets, sales budgets and desired business profits. We have real life sales experience developing small,  non profitable sales territories into profitable sales strategies. We have transformed businesses from  no revenue to generating large sales and profits, and worked with businesses that were at a ceiling and needed help to get to the next level.

We understand what it takes to be out generating the revenues for the company, as well as the challenges and opportunities sales professionals face. We work with management to put the processes, metrics, and systems in place  to grow your current clientele and convert prospects into good clients.

We evaluate your sales systems and process to discuss what is working and what is not. The new systems and processes need to make sense for your business. We meet regularly, managing the process until the client, employees and sales professionals are happy and able to manage the new strategy.

Firebird Business Consulting Ltd is unique – we have both marketing and sales experience and know how to tie both strategies together to get excellent results. Sales strategies should complement one another and not create silos. Not only do our strategies work with the sales team but they develop a culture to move everyone in the same direction.

Here are some of areas that we work on:

  • Sales Compensation
  • Sales Strategies
  • Client Objections
  • Needs Assessment
  • Closing Techniques
  • Business Development
  • Sales Structure
  • Sales Processes
  • Processes
  • Warranty
  • Service
  • Client Maintenance
  • Sales Opportunities
  • Sales Pipeline – Sales Funnel Management
  • Client Understanding
  • Client Needs
  • Appointment Setting and Appointment Booking

Call and book a free 1 – hour free consultation to see if it makes sense for us to discuss further options. Call 306-241-6215 or email roger@firebirdbusinessconsulting.ca



​​Looking at hiring a Business Development Consultant, Revenue Specialist or Growth Specialist? Make sure you hire a person that has actually done it in the real world as an employee in Senior Management or in their own business. Do they truly understand what it takes to make those decisions? Making the wrong choices in business growth can have long lasting effects. Remember…..Yesterday and today’s plan and actions need to be different and a new change is needed to get different results for growth and development. Firebird Business Consulting Ltd. Expertise involves developing marketing strategies and advertising programs, consulting on sales processes and business sustainability and training in long term planning for a profitable future. Proven track record building companies, culture, and sales teams.

A few questions to think about. What are a few things you can do to take your business to the next level? What does your business need to do to do this? Is your goal large enough? Are you taking the right steps and actions to get you closer to that target?

First we create a high level plan and then mini plans that get you closer to that ultimate goal. Your high level plan is what you vision your company to be at that larger state. We will then need to start to develop a revenue strategy with the mini-steps needed to achieve smaller goals. The trick is to be disciplined!! We are constantly bombarded with life’s daily challenges and that can distract us from our strategy, pulling us away from the smaller goals. We can easily get wrapped up in doing the stuff that keeps our business alive and not focusing on development and growth. The key is knowing which smaller things can wait or not be done at all, without sacrificing customer service and revenue.

Secondly Firebird Business Consulting Ltd. looks at what you are doing now in your business. We look at your marketing, your brand, revenue, profits, staff, support staff etc. Then make the adjustments needed for scaling your business. We then look at how are you measuring these targets or rungs on the ladder? We put timelines in place and try and stick to them. Constantly bearing in mind your ultimate goal.

The Third thing is we discuss to make sure you know what you are venturing into. And start putting the plan into motion. Hiring a professional who can give you advice and will minimize your risk and capitalize on the opportunity. Sometimes the decisions that you think are harmless can sometimes have catastrophic consequences to your business.

Fourth thing is understanding that your business will evolve, this evolution will change your people’s roles and responsibilities within the company. We make sure you communicate that to your employees. Because when things change, your staff’s feelings can be affected. We pay attention to how the growth is affecting your company and who it is affecting internally and externally.

Going to the “next level” takes courage, risk and confidence. You, your family, your company and staff are stepping out of their comfort zone. Sometimes just getting by isn’t good enough…..No risks No rewards!! You have to be confident enough to stay the course all the while making sure you are looking at market intel, opportunities and external factors. We don’t only stay focused on the plan and pay attention to what is going on because we might have to change your strategy and plan. We might miss an opportunity if we are focused only on your plan and can’t see the forest for the trees. The same thing applies vice-versa, we can’t be busy for the sake of being busy, and we make sure you are making progress towards the plan.

We need to know what that next step is…What is it? Is it bringing in a new product? Is it hiring a certain person in your company? Sales person, marketing person, Customer service rep, is it adding a service to your company? etc., etc., etc…. Again, always making sure we are taking the next step that gets you closer to your larger target and goal.

Finally once we reach the target/goal that you never thought you would reach…. we put a different plan or strategy in place with the same principles. We have the experience in growingstart-ups and up to 100 million dollar companies. At Firebird Business Consulting Ltd. we take your business to the “Next Level”.


Call 306-241-6215 or email: roger@firebirdbusinessconsulting.ca

website: www.firebirdbusinessconsulting.ca

WMBEXA (Warman Martensville Business Excellence Awards) – Marketing Award – 2017 – Firebird Business Consulting Ltd.

A pic from the WMBEXA (Warman Martensville Business Excellence Awards) – fortunate to be the recipient of the Marketing Award. Gary Moore and Roger Grona in the pic from Firebird Business Consulting Ltd.. Such an honor!!

Thanks to both the Warman Chamber of Commerce and Martensville Chamber of Commerce.

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Mike Rorquist and Mike Gartner – Firebird Website Development – Website Design – Saskatoon – yxe

Firebird Business Consulting Ltd – Firebird Web Development is proud to announce the consulting and website development and website design services of Mike Rorquist and Mike Gartner.

Michael Rorquist specializes in Business Processing Models, Strategy & Technology. Developing a strong expertise in synchronizing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) with popular ecommerce platforms. Benefiting from experience in warehousing, procurement and information technology in a high paced retail environment, Michael has proven that optimizing your business process can save you time and money but careful planning can save you from frustration. His rapid ascent into the world of e-commerce can be attributed to the work he has accomplished on many popular platforms used by millions of people today. He has developed and consulted on extensions focusing primarily on B2B and Resource Planning applications. He also has experience with social media marketing and fraud prevention. Michael’s projects are responsible for millions of dollars in transactions each year.

Michael Gartner has been involved in marketing online in one way or another since 2006. He has experience in email marketing, list building, SEO, UI/UX design, and a passion for innovation. His first three website destroyed industry standards in innovation, style, and engagement and raise the bar to a new level. Spending way too much time behind a computer screen, he enjoys devouring any and all information about the internets and knows just enough about too many things to be dangerous.

Call 306-241-6215

Website: https://www.firebirdbusinessconsulting.ca

#NextLevel #Believe #Success #FirebirdBusinessConsulting#Saskatoon #yxe #Achieve #BusinessDevelopment #Desire#HardWork #Motivation #Strategy #StrategicPlanning #Branding#BusinessPlans #BusinessConsulting #ManagementConsulting#SocialMedia #Advertising #WebsiteDevelopment #SEO #Ecommerce#EmailMarketing #ERP #ListBuilding

Firebird Web Development & Web Design Servicing Saskatoon, Regina and Saskatchewan

Firebird Web Development & Web Design Servicing Saskatoon, Regina and Saskatchewan

Your website is typically where people go to check out your business prior to ever calling or coming to your business. They want to see what your business is all about. The services you offer; reviews; learn about your brand, products or other general information.

When people search your business what do they find? Do they find something good, something bad or nothing online about your business? This is important…clients, prospects, general public nowadays have tonnes of information at their fingertips. What is online about your business is critical to its/your success. At Firebird we practice what we preach and it works. See for yourself….Google Business Consulting Saskatoon and see what comes up? Where does Firebird show up? We don’t just show up once or twice in the first two pages, we also have great lead generation because of it. The search engine algorithms are constantly changing and having a strategy that allows you to stay ahead of your competitors is vital to your business.

What do people typically want or need with their website?

Customer Service – We are a Consulting Company first and Web Development Company second. Our first priority is to ensure and understand your needs and your clients’ needs and wants. Our Website Developers and Programmers have worked on basic websites to professional high tech websites. They know how to do things great and how to do things affordable…Why??? Because they are experts at what they do!

Customized or personalized – Having a website that is customized and knowledgeable of the current trends. This reflects your business, speaks about your brand, resulting in the end user understanding your customer experience, prior to ever stepping foot or doing prior business with your company. Too many businesses have a disconnect in what the online experience is and what the real life (face-to-face) experience is. You need to have the two align. Firebird Web Development is about crafting your website with local experts that consult on websites and have managed small to large portfolios. We understand what it takes to have effective websites that translates into revenue.

Functionality – Our team will work with you to ensure that functionality and your customers’ experience is top rated. We want to make sure that people want to come back to your website multiple times. Your website and online strategy needs to be customer friendly. We help you accomplish that.

Response Time – Customers want fast response times on your website, from how long it takes to load (load time), to how long it takes you to respond on your social media. We discuss with you a strategy that starts on your website and is supported by your social media. To help you develop relationships with current followers and attract new customers.

Convenience – Mobile Friendly – People in today’s world want everything at their fingertips. You need to be mobile friendly, e-commerce (when needed), have scheduling / calendars (when needed) or other options depending on your client’s needs. We can customize and price those options if and when they are needed. The world is fast and your website needs to be also, people want information now and do not want to wait. They want to know that you recognize the value of their time. This is imperative. If they are searching an industry online does your business show up? If they are looking specifically for your business…what shows up when searching or typing in your business name? A strong online presence and strategy can give you a competitive advantage or disadvantage? Make sure your business has a competitive advantage….

Social Media Strategy – What social media sites are you using and why? What results are you trying to get from your social media? A good or great social media strategy should lead to inquiries, leads, communication and conversions to business. We are experts in this field and practice what we preach and do it very well. Having a great online presence is not only about having a website, you need a strategy to drive traffic to your website.

What we offer? Firebird Web Development Services

– Web Development and Web Design
– SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
– Website Analytics
– Ecommerce
– Brand Development
– Online Strategy
– Social Media Management / Training
– Online Ads Boosting – Google, Facebook, LinkedIn etc.
– Graphic Design
– Website Management / Updates
– Blog Integration
– Retargeting
– Email Marketing
– Social Media Ads
– Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
– List Building
– Business Processing Models

Call 306-241-6215

Check out: https://firebirdbusinessconsulting.ca/services

#NextLevel #Believe #Success #FirebirdBusinessConsulting #Saskatoon #yxe#Achieve #BusinessDevelopment #Desire #HardWork #Motivation #Strategy#StrategicPlanning #Branding #BusinessPlans #BusinessConsulting#ManagementConsulting #SocialMedia #Advertising #WebsiteDevelopment #SEO#Ecommerce #EmailMarketing #ERP #ListBuilding

In.Business Canadian Aboriginal Youth Business Program – Roger Grona – Firebird Business Consulting Ltd.

Amazing time and year with the In.Business Canadian Aboriginal Youth Business Program.

At Wanuskewin, the day started with prayers from Elder, after that went in to business workshops, mentoring and working with these amazing students.

So honored for Firebird Business Consulting & Firebird Business Ventures to be a part of. Thanks Hanwakan Blaikie Whitecloud for the invitation again.

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Firebird Business Consulting to take home the Marketing Award at the Warman & Martensville Chambers of Commerce Business Excellence Awards.

Very honored for Firebird Business Consulting to take home the Marketing Award at the Warman & Martensville Chambers of Commerce Business Excellence Awards.

Congratulations to all the nominees, finalists and winners of awards. The Chambers did an amazing job putting this together…..what an amazing night.


A huge THANK-YOU to our Team, Clients, Supporters, Family and Friends!!

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Saskatoon Business Incubator & Business Accelerator – Firebird Business Ventures Ltd. – About


Firebird Business Consulting recognized its need to expand and added the division of Firebird Business Ventures for business incubator – accelerator – Partnerships – shareholder – investor and opportunities in equity partnerships.

Firebird Business Ventures Ltd. management consulting services (consists of 6 investors/owners who are all directors – 4 of the owners make up the Senior Management Team) helps manage by creating a plan for growth and long-term sustainability. This is done by having an invested interest and partnership in the business.


Roger Grona is President of Firebird Business Ventures Ltd. and Firebird Business Consulting Ltd.. Roger’s management consulting expertise is building successful business models that involves developing successful marketing plans, consulting on marketing and business sustainability and training in long term planning for a profitable future. Very successful track record building culture, sales teams and company growth goals. 

CLICK HERE for more information for Roger Grona​



Jason Park is the CEO and Founder of Rethink And Diversify Securities Inc. (R&D) which is an Exempt Market Dealer registered to conduct business in British Columbia, Alberta, and Saskatchewan. R&D also owns and operates a regulated direct online investing portal; Venture Market www.venturemarket.ca is where entrepreneurial investors can view and actually invest in private capital opportunities approved by R&D – just like the dragons and sharks do.

Venture Marketby R&D offers exempt market securities with a focus on proper portfolio diversification through private capital opportunities.

CLICK HERE for more information for Jason Park



Craig Hinz is and Entrepreneur and is partner at HVB Chartered Professional Accountants Prof Corp in Saskatoon, SK since 2004. Specializing in small business taxation and accounting matters, personal taxation matters, audit of small non-profit organizations and consultation services in the areas of finance, taxation and accounting.

CLICK HERE for more information for Craig Hinz

Firebird Business Ventures Ltd. Contact Information:
Phone Number:306-241-6215
Address:#505 – 333 – 25th Street East, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, S7K 0L4
​email: roger@firebirdbusinessventures.ca
Please call or email to book your appointment

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What We Offer? ​ Firebird Business Consulting’s Value To Your Company – Saskatoon


What We Offer?

Firebird Business Consulting’s Value To Your Company

Business Development, Restructuring Sales and Marketing Services – “Next Level Business Solutions” – Saskatoon and area – We help you grow your business!! We are Business Growth Specialists!!

The mission statement for Firebird Business Consulting Ltd. is to “commit and provide business owners a strategy to dominate and lead their industry for profitable growth”
​Our ​BUSINESS EXPERTISE involves developing successful marketing plans, consulting on business developmentsustainability and training/coaching in long term planning for a profitable future.  SUCCESSFUL track record building culture, sales teams and overall company growth goals.  Sales and Management experience building small business to multi-million firms. We work with companies to maximize revenues and processes. Our sales experience is second to none.

Our GOAL is to make a difference improving and allowing you to help reach your business, sales and marketing goals and targets that best fit your company.

1) Direction / Strategy / Plan (Business Development) – We help layout a proper plan that will focus on improving the necessary areas to take your company to the next level, define your vision and get you back on track to your goal.

2) Revenue (Sales Consulting) – Experience that involves planning profit based sales targets (writing and executing), setting and meeting large sales quotas. Senior Sales Management experience: recruitment, hiring, mentorship and motivating the sales team and other departments. Preparation of reports by collecting, analyzing and summarizing relevant market information and using that information to roll out effective plans to generate revenue.

3) Self Improvement Mentoring is a huge component to the program. We challenge your company in a positive way to be better at what you do and do better than the competition.

4) Advertising (Marketing Consulting) – We have purchased marketing and worked for companies that have sold advertising. Having that experience allows us to maximize your marketing budget. We know what the right strategy looks like for your company and what budget is needed to do the job.

5) Social Media – We also provide an online network that will help you get your message out. We are a marketing and sales company that models our teaching and teaches our clients how to maximize current social media to keep your company top of mind. We do what we preach online and it works. Check out our social media profiles and network on LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Yelp, Facebook, Google+, Tumblr and Instagram.

6) Momentum– Having the right strategy is critical to the growth of your company. Implementing it and rolling it out properly is what drives momentum.

7)Risk Management– Make sure you have weighed out the pros and cons of growing your business. What will it take to reach your goal: more staff or bigger office space? Do you have the right sales people? Do you need a sales manager? Do you need an investor, mentor or consultant? Are there any risks that might set you back or knock you out of the business world all together?

8) Opportunities Evaluating where you are sitting in the market and creating the opportunities to lead your company in your industry.

9) Process and Process DevelopmentWe assist in the development of process that drives results that best fits your business for today and future growth.

10) Business Plan and Proposal Writing – We have over 17 years of business expertise producing professional business plans and proposals that are personalized and understood by our clients.