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Rethink and Diversify recognized an opportunity for a regulated online direct investing portal. We wanted to provide the do-it-yourself investors with an opportunity to research and select opportunities to best suit their needs. Venture Market provides that suitability requirements must be met before an investor can complete their investment in the product chosen. Venture Market is a regulated online crowdsourcing portal that is registered to conduct business in the following jurisdictions: British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

For the investor – they go to the website ( and fill out information to register. They then can browse and research all the investment opportunities that are available to them based upon suitability. After this, the investor can initiate the investments and complete the online investment forms for the investment of their choice. At this step of the process, the trade will be submitted to compliance for review. Pending compliance approval, the investment will be made in the opportunity chosen. This again goes back to investor suitability. The financing closes and all appropriate documents will be forwarded to all the investors. Congratulations you now own you’re very own private capital investment (most investments are RRSP and TFSA eligible).

For the issuer (investment) – they go to the website ( and they fill out information to register. They will then be contacted by a Rethink and Diversify ( representative to begin their due diligence review. Pending approval of the review the issuer will be listed on the portal for investment. Some of the documents requested from the issuer depend upon industry standards and help to determine investor suitability. Once the minimum investment is reached, the financing can close and the investment dollars are transferred to the company. Congratulations go and execute on your business and strategy!!

Some of the investment opportunities that will be targeting are business sectors such as: tech-companies, real estate, land, farm land, construction companies, start-ups, established businesses, mortgage investment corporations (MIC), bonds and debentures, real estate investment trust, royalties and limited partnerships. This can vary from the pharmacy on the corner of the street to a tech company needing to do a multi-million dollar raise.

So if you are interested in either investing in a business or….if your business or idea needs an investor/capital for any reason….go to:

This has been the culmination of Rethink and Diversify’s vision that began in early 2016 and could not have been achieved without the combined efforts of Roger Grona (Firebird Business Consulting Ltd.), William McNarland (Eiffel Peak Capital), John Scarfe (CEO, Points Athabasca Contracting), Michael Rorquist and Rethink and Diversify Securities Inc. shareholders. We are looking forward to 2017 and beyond. Exciting times ahead…..this gives the opportunity for all of us to be Entrepreneurs!!


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