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Need to raise capital for your business? Have a great idea? Need capital to take your business to the next level? Need capital for your company to acquire another business? Exit Strategy or succession?

Trying to raise capital can some sometimes be daunting and challenging. According to The Millennial Disruption Index, “71% of millennials would rather go to the dentist than listen to what their banks are saying.”

Rethink and Diversify recognized an opportunity for a regulated online direct investing portal. We wanted to provide the do it yourself investors with an opportunity to research and select opportunities to best suit their needs. Venture Market provides that suitability that every investment must be evaluated and meet the suitability guidelines for the investor and the investment product chosen. is a regulated online crowdsourcing portal that is registered to conduct business in the following jurisdictions: British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Ontario.

The following benefits are:

1) Convenience – connects to the investor to the investment instantaneously.

2) Accessibility to suitable investors – through the registration process and the suitability requirements of an Exempt Market Dealer, only the investors that are suitable to invest in your offering will be able to view your offering.

3) Telling your story – You get to create a 1 to 4 min. “explainer video” about your venture/business and why it is a good opportunity and what sets you apart from all of the others. *Important – video must be approved by R&D Securities Chief Compliance prior to being posted.

4) Maintain control/consistency in telling story – Anyone who has played the childhood game telephone knows that a story changes quickly from person to person after each time it is repeated. At you have an opportunity to have consistent message every time to investors.

5) Investors are able to invest in registered plans – Sometimes you’ll find that one investor who will take on the full investment. Far more likely, you’ll need several investors. The ability to access RRSP and TFSA dollars is a huge advantage when pooling from several investors. (Assuming that your investment is RRSP/TFSA, etc. eligible).

6) Streamlined due diligence – If your investment makes it onto the portal it means it has passed the due diligence requirements of a Canadian Exempt Market Dealer. This is a vigorous test of your investment.


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