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The MYNTIX™ Mission: We develop technology that helps people reach their full potential.

MYNTIX™ is a mobile learning platform that revitalizes organizational training through the delivery of scheduled short bursts of learning content straight to your phone via text or email. MYNTIX™ brings training to employees in a way that integrates learning into their daily work lives, allowing them to effectively practice their new skills on the job.

The Problem with Traditional Corporate Training

How many times have you heard any of the following comments about training in your organization? “I don’t have time for training” “We need better training” “We need more training” “Training is a waste of time” “Ugh, I’ve got to go to training today” “Why aren’t you doing this properly, you were trained several times on it”?

The problem is that traditional training is inefficient, expensive in terms of cost for training and in potential lost revenue while employees are in a training session. AND it doesn’t result in any meaningful retention or skill development. It’s a broken model.

Adding to the issue, consumers are better prepared than ever before. By the time they contact your business, they’ve used the internet to research what they need and If your employees don’t know as much or more than them, your business loses credibility – and chances are you lose their business.

Staggering Corporate Training Statistics

70% The number of employees who don’t feel they have mastery of the skills to do their jobs

54% The amount of knowledge forgotten immediately after leaving a training session

12% The number of employees who apply the skills they learned in training back on the job

What do these statistics mean to your business? Chances are, the majority of your employees don’t feel they have the expertise to do the core duties of their job, they’ve forgotten more content than they remembered by the time they walk out the training room door, and what they do remember, they aren’t likely to apply once they’re back at work. Organizations are wasting a tremendous amount of time and money for a dismal return on investment. But, you can change that!

The Solution: MYNTIX™ Mobile Learning

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Created with the end user in mind, the MYNTIX™ Mobile Learning Platform allows you to create and send short, customized training  content to learners via text or email on an automated schedule, ensuring opportunities for continuous improvement.

The MYNTIX™ Mobile Learning Advantage

Content Development

You have flexibility in how your content is developed. Create your own with the MYNTIX™ Mobile Learning easy to use authoring tool, have us create your content for you, or edit and customize our ready-made programming. It’s up to you!

Consistent Messaging

Do you have a large number of people to train? Have you struggled with employees developing consistent levels knowledge? MYNTIX™ Mobile Learning can deliver reliable, uniform messaging to a large number of employees at once. 


Employees don’t always have time or access to attend in-person sessions or have access to computers at work to take traditional e-learning programming. With MYNTIX™ Mobile Learning, employees can access their training programs when it’s convenient for them – any time, anywhere.


We’ve designed MYNTIX™ Mobile Learning to free up time for learners and administrators. No need to search for training websites,  automate content delivery, and decrease the amount of time away from work for training, all combine to give back time to your organization.

Improved Effectiveness

The MYNTIX™ Mobile Learning platform also encourages better learning retention and application by reinforcing content over time with short bursts of training and allows you to create content that encourages employees to try new skills on the job.


The MYNTIX™ Mobile Learning Platform allows you to offer a variety of training programs to your employees at a fraction of the cost to deliver the same training in-person. We bring the ability for smaller organizations to bring larger scale training initiatives to their businesses.

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