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Firebird Business Consulting Ltd. municipal consulting services empowers decision-makers through our discovery, clarity, and action-orientated process.

Firebird integrates its experience in corporate planning and business management with its municipal growth planning services. Integrating the ‘business-side’ of capital planning, asset management and strategic planning allows Firebird to uniquely address three of the most challenging issues for municipalities: increasing infrastructure funding deficits, limited funding to address the problem, and growth pressures that add to capital infrastructure costs.

Firebird Business Consulting Ltd. consists of a team of 11 consultants with corporate experience in community planning, infrastructure management, capital planning, and project management. Members of our team have successfully worked with small towns of 500 people to metropolitan areas of 1.3 million people providing asset management, strategic planning, and growth management related services.

Doug Ramage of Firebird Business Consulting Ltd. is the lead municipal management consultant for Firebird having previously led the development of asset management plans, capital planning consultations, infrastructure master plans, land use studies, feasibility assessments, and policy development that assists leadership in making informed decisions for their communities.


es understanding the influence of the whole system that makes up your community. Developing a ‘score card’ illustrates both organizational strengths to leverage, and uncovers limitations to executing your strategic plans.

Interested in discovering more about your municipality? Firebird Business Consulting Ltd. provides a free 2 hour no obligation session designed to assist clients assess priority areas, identify limitations to achieving objectives, establishing and defining goals, and defining the next steps.

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