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How you choose to go to market, determines the type of Distribution Agreements that are required. Are you an inventor and want to keep on creating? Do you want to take the business further and produce enough product to sell locally, domestically or further?

A Distribution Agreement is a contract between a supplying company which has products to sell and another company that markets and sells the products. As you can understand, there are clearly defined roles, responsibilities, expectations and timelines.

There are many ways to set these up and the easiest way is by geographical area. You can also set these up as “Exclusive” with a certain supplier to gain some leverage when negotiating the Distribution Agreement.

Firebird’s approach to building a Distribution Agreements is:

· Understanding your goals

· Determine length of contract

· Help identify potential candidates

· Evaluating which Agreement is right for your business

The mission statement for Firebird Business Consulting Ltd. (business and management consultants) is to “commit and provide business owners a strategy to dominate and lead their industry for profitable growth”.

Firebird Business Consulting Ltd. has an excellent track record business consulting – management consulting (coaching) with business of all sizes from start-ups to 100 million plus annual revenue.

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