Building a team for success – by Roger Grona – Firebird Business Consulting Ltd. – Saskatoon – Regina


We’ve all had that vision or dream of building or starting a company. We vision that we are sitting around the table making executive decisions, clients are buying, product is selling…life is good! In a perfect world yes, in a realistic world not so much. 

Building your team or determining your business partners is vital to sustainability and scaling your business. Understanding the roles and responsibilities of everyone around you is very important. The real question is the people that have those roles and responsibilities – can they execute the duties of that position? If they can’t do what needs to get done it can truly affect whether your business makes it or not. For example: is the person responsible as the CEO the right person to sit in that chair and run the company? Or is the individual in charge of orchestrating and executing the revenue, sales or profits able to give you your desired outcomes? Can your leaders lead? Do you have the right people in place to support the execution of dominating your industry? If you don’t have the right people in place, don’t try and figure it out on the fly. It’s way too costly or potentially be catastrophic. Your business is only as strong as your weakest link. Having the people in the right place is vital to your success.

Anytime in business I have looked at when we have literally hit a home run or over exceeded our expectations is because we had committed people that could execute the tasks at hand. Everyone understood what they had to do and they got it done. They have enough experience, tenacity and grit to pivot and adjust and be effective.

Build a team to succeed and you will succeed, surround yourself with the right people with experience, integrity and grit. You will not regret your decision if you have the right people around you, because at some point you will have to make hard decisions. You don’t want to be second guessing your team when the shit hits the fan, it’s too late.

Building a team for success – Roger Grona – C.E.O – Firebird Business Consulting Ltd. and Firebird Business Ventures Ltd.

Roger Grona
Firebird Business Consulting Ltd
**Sustainability, Revenue, Growth and Profit Specialists** 

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