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Rethink & Diversify’s Core Values

Established Private Issuers

R&D Securities offers non-conflicted, fast, and non-bureaucratic access to R&D dealing representatives. If you have a quality offering, after documenting the Know-Your-Product requirements, we will bring you to market and allow fair access to our dealing representatives. We will base our listing on the quality of your offering, not the commissions, dealer overrides, corporate finance fees, due diligence fees, administration fees, or any other items of potential conflicts. We also do not make due diligence a profit centre and do not insist that you provide our dealer any fees for marketing or conferences. We believe in doing business as a company that works with all partners with the goal of trust and having exceptional relationships. 

Entrepreneurs Wanting to Raise Capital

Are you an entrepreneur who wants to raise capital? It can be difficult to do it properly within capital raising regulations and in a way that attracts investors. R&D Securities’ principals have many years of experience in launching offerings. We have turnkey opportunities for compliance, regulatory support, RRSP eligibility, and smooth operations. We can potentially bring your offering to market via traditional dealing representatives or through our private capital funding portal. If you have the ability to raise your own capital, we can provide legal and corporate finance advisory services which help you bring your offering to market with confidence. 

Our Dealing Representatives

Investing in private equity and debt investments involves risk, but we feel that the upside is worth it. Please choose your city to view the bios of the financial professionals licensed as dealing representatives at R&D Securities in your area.

Professional Financial Advice:

Our traditional offerings are available from our licensed dealing representatives. They are as unique as you are as an investor. To find out if these offerings are suitable for you, please contact one of our dealing representatives for more information.

Our Mission

Respect the capital

Our Vision

Return to Entrepreneurship

R&D’s values

· Commitment to excellence

· Focused on entrepreneurship

· Promoting improvement throughout the industry

· Cultivating lasting open relationships through transparency and integrity

R&D’s guiding principles

R&D and its representatives commit to conduct themselves ethically and respectfully, these guiding principles are the framework that our core business is built on and is the result of many team discussions and much self review.

· No Pride of Authorship. Only Pride of Improvement.

· Always Respect the Capital

· Have integrity at all times

· Always tell the truth

· More accountability is better than less accountability

· Transparency is of the utmost importance

· Take responsibility

· Be a professional

· Don’t be a follower

· Have passion for your career choice


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Private capital

  • Private equity
  • Private investments
    • Private investment company
    • Private investment opportunities
  • Alternative investments
    • Alternative investment ideas
  • Exempt market dealer
    • Exempt market advisor
  • Exempt market security
  • Prospectus exempt
    • Prospectus exempt securities
  • Non-traditional investing
    • Unconventional investment opportunities
    • Different channels of investment
    • Investing in non-traditional funds
    • Non-traditional investments
  • Diversification
    • Investment portfolio diversification

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Rethink And Diversify Securities Inc.

333 – 25th Street East, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan S7K 0L4, Canada

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