The Evolution Continues… Bob Harder


The last 11 months have been full of monumental changes for me. For those of you who fear change, my advice to you is to embrace it. The change in my life has brought out the best in me and opened the doors to many opportunities that I hadn’t even imagined last summer.

After 30 years in management with the same company, it was time for a change. I began the process of deciding the direction I wanted to take my life and what I was going to expect from this next chapter. I decided that Business Consulting would be the perfect avenue for my skill set. After much research and discussion, I had a coffee with an old friend who had formed his own Business Consulting firm with great success. Roger Grona and Firebird Business Consulting have become a major force in the consulting industry. What a perfect fit! Now it was time to immerse myself in this new industry and I threw myself headlong into the process. It’s been extremely exciting and rewarding and has presented some new opportunities. In March, I became a partner in Firebird Business Ventures with Roger and 4 other seasoned business professionals. This opportunity has allowed us to invest in some businesses with massive potential. One of our holdings is with Rethink and Diversify Securities Inc. They are an exempt market investment dealer with a national presence. This was another opportunity to be explored. In June, at age 60, I decided to take the Exempt Market Proficiency Course. This was easily the most demanding course I have ever taken. It culminated in a three-hour exam that I passed after much studying. I now have my license to deal in Exempt Market (aka. Private Placement) securities. This maximizes my opportunities and allows me to meet and work with some fantastic business people in the Consulting, Business Accelerator and Investment fields. I feel incredibly fortunate to begin a second career now with such tremendous potential. As my fortune cookie read last summer, “When opportunity knocks, answer the door”. Embrace change, don’t fear it!

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