Roger Grona – TEC Chair – The Executive Committee – Saskatoon


Roger Grona is Chair for TEC Canada (The Executive Committee) Saskatoon. This is a true honor and privilege to work with such a great organization.

About TEC – The Executive Committee

TEC Canada is the country’s pre-eminent leadership development organization. For more than 50 years, we have helped business leaders reach the highest professional success and to balance their achievements with family and personal realities. Our approach to leadership growth is based on three strategic pillars – confidential forums chaired by an accomplished leader, the best in business thinking, and a global vision through our premier affiliate, Vistage International. The result is dramatic personal and professional development and exceptional enterprise advancement. TEC’s vision is to position Canadian business for regional, national and global success. 

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About the Chair position – TEC (The Executive Committee)

TEC Chairs are some of the most accomplished and respected business leaders in Canada. They’re passionate individuals with impressive resumes. It’s an honour to have such a great roster of coaches to provide to our members.

Chairing is a combination of listening and coaching, and a blend of pushing and waiting. At TEC a Chair helps drive business development, network to find prospects and connect members to the right people to aid their success. It’s the  Chair’s job to cultivate the best group dynamic and foster group connection that drives impact for its members.

As a Chair Roger Grona will:

  • Facilitate group meetings and hold members accountable.
  • Mentor and guide members to achieve their goals.
  • Help members create action plans to tackle issues.
  • Meet one-to-one with members to identify leadership challenges and opportunities.
  • Select relevant speakers from TEC’s exclusive database to maximize the impact for your group(s).

Roger is very proud of his Metis heritage. His ancestry is traced back to the 1700’s in the Red River Settlement. He is an Entrepreneur, Business Consultant, Investor and CEO. Roger is the Founder and CEO of Firebird Business Consulting Ltd. Founder, Business Partner and CEO of Firebird Business Ventures Ltd., Investor and Business Partner(ed) in Rethink and Diversify Securities IncVenture Market (online exempt market portal), Hall of Fame Coaching (HOF), Aslan Capital Saskatchewan Inc. and a very minor investor in Holmes Approved Homes. Roger is also a Chair for TEC Canada (The Executive Committee).

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