Opportunity Knocks by Bob Harder – Firebird Business Consulting Ltd.


Late last August while trying to determine where my next stage in life was going to take me, I received this. I had spent 30 years with the same company and had finished my career there as General Manager overseeing the entire operation and it’s numerous divisions. My goal moving forward was to embrace my entreprenurial spirit and I knew that consulting was the path I wanted to take. After enjoying a lunch and bouncing ideas off my friend Daymond we received our bill and the fortune cookies. I opened mine and it seemed so timely that I kept it and looked at it every day. A few days later I chatted with my old friend Roger Grona. We discussed the philosophy of Firebird Business Consulting and he asked if I would be interested in joining the team as an independent contractor. Everything made sense and felt right and so began my re-invention. It’s been a joy working with so many wonderful small business owners and sharing in their success. Recently, I became a partner in Firebird Business Ventures with Roger and 4 other highly skilled individuals, hence the fortune cookie picture. This is a perfect opportunity to say thank you Roger and the Firebird team for welcoming me with open arms. These are definitiely exciting times and a great reminder that you are never too old to re-invent and adapt to changing circumstances. This year has certainly shown us how important adaptability is whether in our personal or business life.

If you find yourself in a situation where you are uncertain of which direction to take or what strategies to use to move forward, feel free to reach out anytime. At Firebird, we have assisted hundreds of people, re-imagine their business and move it to the next level.

Contact me, Bob Harder at 306.221.7422 or bharder@sasktel.net


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