Business Challenges and Adapability by Bob Harder – Firebird Business Consulting Ltd. – Saskatoon


The last few months have challenged every small business owner to reimagine their business model. Some have been extremely creative in adapting and even thriving under very difficult circumstances. What have they done that others haven’t? Quite simply, the successful business owner has had to examine every revenue pillar, sales strategy and marketing effort to keep their company afloat. While others have been sitting on the sidelines either unsure of what steps to take or perhaps afraid to make a decision, the creative thinkers have devised some very innovative ideas.

Which type are you? Have you examined every area of your company? Are you confident in your strategy? As we proceed to our next phase of re-opening, the challenges will be greater. The fight for consumer spending will intensify and there will be business casualties. Preparation and adaptability must be your focus. The government subsidy programs will gradually end and relying on that revenue to keep your business afloat is not a sustainable strategy.

Firebird Business Consulting has assisted hundreds of businesses develop and implement strategies to ensure their long term success. Let us help you re-imagine your business and take it to the next level.

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