About – Gary Moore – Business Consultant – Firebird Business Consulting Ltd. – Saskatoon – yxe

The past 15 years Gary has worked in Sales, Business Development, Sales Management and General Management roles. These roles have enabled him to master business from multiple view points and he has enjoyed working with some amazing people and great teams. He truly feels fortunate for having had these opportunities. Gary has worked with smaller start-ups in the Saskatoon area to multi-national companies. Each role has been very different and has provided him with its own unique set of challenges and opportunities.

Gary has worked with Roger Grona and Firebird Business Consulting on a number of different projects that date back 15+ years. Gary has always brought a unique approach to business and has specialized in the areas or Business Development and Sales management. Gary has always focused on sales and customer service being the cornerstones of any business, Gary can speak to this first hand having worked for smaller start up companies too large multi national corporations.

In the mid 90’s he had the opportunity to be a partner/owner and develop Image Auto body from the ground up. For 8+ years at Image Auto Body he was part of the Sales, Marketing, Customer Service and Business Development. It was a great opportunity and he is very proud of that achievement.

Gary’s expertise and passion involves successful business development, sales plans, building solid customer service processes and improving employee engagement, driving top line revenue and finding further efficiencies to increase overall profit. Having open, honest and constructive dialogue with internal and external partners is his key to building great teams and a great inclusive culture . He started his working life in the Saskatchewan Potash Mines and the Oilfields of Alberta and Saskatchewan and he has carried that work ethic throughout his entire life. Some of the volunteering he has done in the past has included Partners in Employment, some high schools and Catholic School work programs.

Firebird Business Consulting Ltd. Contact Information:

Address:#505 – 333 – 25th Street East, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, S7K 0L4


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About Roger Grona – Business Consultant, C.E.O, Entrepreneur, Mentor and Volunteer

Roger Grona – Background, Community Involvement and Bio

Roger Grona is very proud of his Metis ancestry. His indigenous ancestry is traced back to the 1700’s in the Red River Settlement.

Bio – Work History:

Roger is C.E.O of both Firebird Business Ventures Ltd. and Firebird Business Consulting Ltd. His management consulting expertise is building successful business models that involves developing successful marketing plans, consulting on marketing and business sustainability and training in long term planning for a profitable future. Very successful track record building culture, sales teams and company growth goals. Firebird Business Consulting Ltd. and Firebird Business Ventures Ltd. sales consulting and marketing consulting services expertise is in next level business solutions, marketing, brand development and implementing the proper plan to achieve your goals.

7 years Senior Sales Management experience that involves setting/planning profit based sales targets (writing and executing), set and met large sales quotas. He has developed excellent media marketing plans that position the brands he worked with as industry leaders. Roger’s other Senior Sales Management experience: recruited, hired, mentored, and motivated the sales team and other departments. He prepared reports by collecting, analyzing and summarizing relevant market information and then using that information to roll out effective plans.

​          – Sales Manager for larger home builder for Saskatoon, Humboldt and Prince Albert – As Sales Manager he was part of the Senior Management Team. Roger managed the sales of a very large territory that included Saskatoon, Dalmeny, Martensville, Clavet, Prince Albert and Humboldt. Priorities included positive planning and implementing of projects that were fueled by a solid marketing strategy. Consistently he identified objectives, strategies and action plans to improve processes and systems. The builder is one of Saskatchewan’s largest volume home builders. Roger rolled out the launch of single-family housing in Humboldt. This included booking media, interviews, working with ad agencies, helping create action plans for the multi-family and single family housing market for all three markets. He is proud of helping direct the first “Goodwill House” in Prince Albert which helped raise over $70,000 for Vic Hospital – ICU.

– Saskatoon based custom home builder – Roger designed and implemented the company marketing plan,  was part of the Senior Management Team, developed and trained the sales team of 5, communicated with industry representatives, realtors and clients. During his involvement, sales doubled and they are now one of the major players in new home construction in Saskatoon. Roger was proud of his involvement with the team’s launch in both the first ever “Holmes Approved Home” as well as the “Pink House Campaign” in Saskatchewan. They were announced as a finalist for the Bridges Awards for the Marketing Award for the Pink House Campaign project.

– Product and service company for homebuilders – As Sales Manager he had the opportunity to build a team from 2 to 7 employees in less than two years. This company’s territory was at its initial start-up phase when he started. In less than a year they were grabbing a significant market share from its competitors. Roger managed the staff at the Saskatoon Branch and dealt directly with the CEO in Regina on business development for Saskatoon and area.

​          – Buffalo Bill’s Food Products Ltd – Roger had the opportunity to develop his own business (Buffalo Bill’s Food Products) from the ground up in the early 90’s. As President he developed the business and marketing plan, logo, outside sales, focus groups, trade-shows and company management. It was a great opportunity and the product ended up in 180 stores throughout Saskatchewan.

8 years Senior Media Marketing/Sales in Saskatchewan radio industry (CJWW, 92-9 the Bull, Rock 102, 104.9 the Wolf). For each station he developed a small list into a Senior Account list in a short period of time. In advertising he had the chance to work with almost every kind of business and industry, consulting on advertising, brand development, recruiting, and business growth.

8 years hard work in the Alberta and Western Saskatchewan oilfield including management roles (service and drilling rigs) 🙂

Specialties: Taking new ,junior ,senior salespeople to the next level, branding and imaging, new and existing business development, team building, business consulting, negotiating, marketing, coaching, leadership, expert in rapport building and communications.

Community Involvement:

Roger believes it’s a business’s responsibility to give back to the community in a positive way financially and/or volunteering time in any way possible. Roger believes in a pay it forward mindset. This helps in so many ways. Financially it helps organizations and individuals from a cash flow perspective and it also helps alleviate the financial challenges that non-profits or organizations face on a daily basis. On the other end of the spectrum, he believes in helping out organizations where it can truly bring their expertise into play by volunteering time.

Roger GronaFirebird Business Consulting Ltd. and Firebird Business Ventures Ltd. commits to these 3 areas of community involvement:

Business – this helps in creating a vision of sustainability in the community. Helping business owners avoid mistakes and create better planning methods helps business owners avoid some pitfalls that could set them back or put that business out of business.

Aboriginal/First Nations/Metis – Roger Grona (C.E.O) of Firebird Business Consulting Ltd. is Metis. He wants to make sure that Indigenous People/Metis/First Nations all have the same opportunities as everyone else in the community.

Kids/Children Programs – this is about our future. By Helping students and youth it shows the youth that people/mentors/community do care about their future. And we are there to help them set a great foundation through mentoring, donating time and money and contributing to a stronger future by becoming involved and showing good solid role models.

Firebird Business Consulting Ltd. has given back to the community in these ways:

Committee Member – First Nations and Metis Opportunities Committee: Saskatoon Chamber of Commerce – The First Nations and Metis Opportunities Committee goal is to encourage and foster relationships among First Nations and Metis business, the business community, and post-secondary institutions and students. This fits into Firebird’s Community Involvement strategy and covers off two of three mandates – Business and First Nations/Metis/Indigenous People

In.Business: A National Mentorship Program for Indigenous Youth is the high school business mentorship program facilitated by the Purdy Crawford Chair in Aboriginal Business studies at Cape Breton University.

Guest Advisor – Square One – Saskatchewan’s Business Resource Centre – Evaluate business plans and discuss revenue models for start-ups or people considering getting into business. Firebird Business Consulting volunteers in both the Regina and Saskatoon marketplace for Square One. Volunteering the time helps business owners in assessing business plans and discussing their business revenue model and projections.

Community and Referral Partner for Futurpreneur Canada. Futurepreneur Canada works with like-minded business development organizations we call community partners (CPs) to deliver programs to young entrepreneurs across Canada. With Firebird Business Consulting’s Team knowledge of the local economic landscape and connections in the business community, they help identify entrepreneurs and provide pre-launch coaching to assist them through the application and business planning process primarily in Saskatoon. Gary Moore is a mentor and Roger Grona is a community partner. Firebird also has helped recruit extensively for mentors for Futurpreneur Canada for the province of Saskatchewan.

Firebird has helped out SAPA (Saskatoon Aboriginal Professional Association) in the past year with offering a non-profit rate on their services as well as looking at committing time with consulting services to help them get more traction in the market place. Quoting from SAPA’s Facebook page “Native employment, (IANE) a non-profit organization, SAPA will work to develop a network of people committed to fostering opportunities for Aboriginal people in all sectors within Saskatoon and area.”

During the crisis of 2015, when fire forced the emergency evacuation of many families from their homes with only the clothes on their backs, Firebird Business Consulting set up a drop off depot and collected donations for Beardys Okemasis First Nation when they set up Rez Cross. The donations that were collected ranged from diapers, food, water, snacks, blankets, clothes and other essentials. Roger Grona drove after work daily and delivered the donations to Beardy’s Okemasis First Nation. Everything gathered totalled approximately $10,000 dollars which was very much appreciated from all Evacuees and Beardy’s volunteers.

Call 306-241-6215

email: roger@firebirdbusinessconssulting.ca




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The best way to create the future is to create it – Firebird Business Consulting Ltd. – Saskatoon – yxe

The best way to create the future is to create it.

We work with you to first implement sustainability then focus on growth and profits.


Call 306-241-6215

Rise from the ashes. Burst into flames with Firebird Business Consulting Ltd.

#NextLevel #Believe #Success#FirebirdBusinessConsulting #Saskatoon #yxe#Achieve #BusinessDevelopment #Desire#HardWork #Motivation #Strategy#StrategicPlanning #Branding #BusinessPlans#BusinessConsulting #ManagementConsulting#SocialMedia #Advertising #WebsiteDevelopment#SEO #Ecommerce #EmailMarketing #ERP#ListBuilding #quote #Canada150 #Canada#Saskatchewan #Sask

Firebird Web Development Services – Websites – SEO – Social Media – Digital Strategy – Saskatoon

Our NEW website for our DIGITAL SERVICES – Firebird Web Development (division of Firebird Business Consulting Ltd.) is a full service web design and web development company. We provide amazing custom design with a consultative approach. Our digital team builds effective sites. Firebird’s team knows how to drive that traffic to your site with a solid strategy. Call today to book your one hour free consultation. We will discuss building you website that fits your budget and your needs.

website: http://firebirdwebdevelopment.ca/



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Contracted Executive Sales Management – Manager Sales Roles – Firebird Business Consulting Ltd. – Saskatoon – yxe

Are you happy with your current sales? Is your business on track to hit its targets? Has the market changed and affected sales? Is your market share growing? Are your sales processes effective? Is your company leading the market? Is your company always chasing competitors? Is your competition living in your world or are you too busy trying to live in theirs? Is your priority the product, service or is it the start of the sale? Are you a sales driven organization?

If you answered no to any one of these above questions you might consider setting up a one-hour free consultation to see if it makes sense to hire Firebird Business Consulting Ltd. – on a V.P Sales/Sales Manager contract position. This can involve us coming in to work with you and your current sales management, transition while you look for that replacement, asses to determine what you need for a strategy, or work on maximizing your current strengths. Firebird Business Consulting Ltd. has helped build and create sustainable revenue and business models. Our services can range from short to long term depending on the business’ needs. Our services can range from hands on to assisting and working with the management/senior management/ownership to get the goals and targets desired.

Have you ever had someone come in and discuss your cold calling, sales process, prospecting, question based selling or closes? Are your sales team working a territory effectively? We work with your team to create a better understanding of your clients’ needs to create a stronger relationship while maximizing revenues and profits. A key component is understanding the changes your business will go through. We start by discussing your vision for your personal, business and future needs. We then gather information and start developing an achievable plan. In our sales management contract position we can help you: recruit sales people from the market (helping determine the skill set needed to fill the position; mentor your current sales team; set up meaningful and effective business development meetings with management, ownership and the sales team. What is your average customer worth to you? What should you average customer be worth? Are you leaving money on the table or are you utilizing your services to their maximum potential? Is your sales team just taking orders? What questions are your sales team asking your prospect or client? A great sales person should be a huge asset to your company.

Final thought…Are YOU creating an environment for sales people/sales management to succeed? If not you need to!

Set up your one hour, free, no obligation meeting to see if it makes sense for us to work together. We will discuss your needs, pricing and scenarios needed for the appropriate changes. Sales is the lifeline of your organization. Don’t just get by…dominate your industry. We have the right experience managing very large territories and revenue. Management consulting expertise is building successful business models through marketing plans, consulting on marketing and business sustainability, and training in long term planning for a profitable future. We have a very successful track record building culture, sales teams and company growth goals (click here for more information on sales management and revenue consulting experience).

We know how to grow businesses! We will provide references.

Call 306-241-6215

Rise from the ashes. Burst into flames with Firebird Business Consulting Ltd.

#NextLevel #Believe #Success #FirebirdBusinessConsulting #Saskatoon #yxe #Achieve #BusinessDevelopment #Desire #HardWork #Motivation #Strategy #StrategicPlanning #Branding #BusinessPlans #BusinessConsulting #ManagementConsulting #SocialMedia #Advertising #WebsiteDevelopment #SEO #Ecommerce #EmailMarketing #ERP #ListBuilding #quote #Canada150 #Canada #Saskatchewan #Sask

About – Firebird Business Ventures Ltd – Senior Management Team – Business Accelerator – Business Incubator

Firebird Business Ventures Ltd. is a business incubator – business accelerator – business partnerships – shareholder – investor(s) and looks for opportunities in equity partnerships.

Firebird Business Ventures Ltd. management consulting services (consists of 6 investors/owners who are all directors – 4 of the owners make up the Senior Management Team) helps manage by creating a plan for growth and long-term sustainability. This is done by having an invested interest and partnership in the business.

CEO – Roger Grona

Roger Grona is CEO of Firebird Business Ventures Ltd.and Firebird Business Consulting Ltd.. Roger’s management consulting expertise is building successful business models that involves developing successful marketing plans, consulting on marketing and business sustainability and training in long term planning for a profitable future. Very successful track record building culture, sales teams and company growth goals. Roger is a member of the Forbes™ Coaches Council, an invitation-only community for leading executive business coaches and career coaches.

CLICK HERE for more information for Roger Grona

COO – Jason Park

Jason Park is the CEO and Founder of Rethink And Diversify Securities Inc. (R&D) which is an Exempt Market Dealer registered to conduct business in British Columbia, Alberta, and Saskatchewan. R&D also owns and operates a regulated direct online investing portal; Venture Market www.venturemarket.ca is where entrepreneurial investors can view and actually invest in private capital opportunities approved by R&D – just like the dragons and sharks do.

Venture Market by R&D offer exempt market securities with a focus on proper portfolio diversification through private capital opportunities.

CLICK HERE for more information for Jason Park

CFO – Craig Hinz

Craig Hinz is and Entrepreneur and is partner at HVB Chartered Professional Accountants Prof Corp in Saskatoon, SK since 2004. Specializing in small business taxation and accounting matters, personal taxation matters, audit of small non-profit organizations and consultation services in the areas of finance, taxation and accounting.

CLICK HERE for more information for Craig Hinz

CDO – Brad Darbyshire

Creating sustainable and mutually beneficial partnerships between Industry and the Indigenous community is the largest contribution and main focus of Brad’s career. Brad Darbyshire has held past executive positions as Chief Executive Officer and board member of Saskatchewan’s largest Indigenous owned Industrial Contracting firm, and currently holds the position as President of STC Industrial Contracting Limited Partnership one of Saskatchewan’s fastest growing Industrial Contracting firms serving the industrial sector. Brad also sits on the SREDA board of directors and participates in several local charitable foundations in the Saskatoon area. 

CLICK HERE for more information for Brad Darbyshire

Call 306-241-6215


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Firebird Business Ventures Ltd. – Brad Darbyshire – Chief Development Officer

Bio for Brad Darbyshire

Born and raised in Saskatchewan’s great North, Brad is a proud member of the Buffalo River Dene Nation. Brad has specialized his professional development around the engagement of Indigenous people in the industrial mining, power production, and construction field. Creating sustainable and mutually beneficial partnerships between Industry and the Indigenous community is the largest contribution and main focus of Brad’s career. Brad has held past executive positions as Chief Executive Officer and board member of Saskatchewan’s largest Indigenous owned Industrial Contracting firm, and currently holds the position as President of STC Industrial Contracting Limited Partnership one of Saskatchewan’s fastest growing Industrial Contracting firms serving the industrial sector. Brad also sits on the SREDA board of directors and participates in several local charitable foundations in the Saskatoon area.

Brad believes that strong partnerships build sustainable futures.  Working to enhance business participation with Saskatchewan’s Indigenous people, Brad has dedicated his leadership and career to integrating community values with exceptional business practices to form highly competitive companies that excel in today’s market.  Developing a robust Indigenous workforce is of high priority to Brad, and he has leading experience in developing corporate initiatives to increase Indigenous inclusion in any operation with the objective of growing tomorrow’s labor force and leaders.

Brad’s educational background includes an Interprovincial Journeyman Heavy Duty Mechanics Certificate from Saskatchewan Polytechnic, a certificate in Strategic Alliances from UBC Executive Education, and a Master’s Certificate in Project Management from U of S.


#Incubator #Accelerator #StartUps #Investors #VentureCapital#Investments #SuccessionPlanning #ManagementConsulting#Marketing #BusinessPlans #BusinessManagement#BusinessConsulting #StartUpDevelopment #BrandDevelopment#StrategyDevelopment #LongTermPlanning #ManagementTeams#OfficeSpace


Marketing, Sales, Revenue and Growth Specialists – Firebird Business Consulting Ltd. – Saskatoon

Marketing, Sales, Revenue and Growth Specialists – Rise from the ashes. Burst into Flames. Firebird Business Consulting Ltd. – Saskatoon.

Looking at hiring a business development consultant, revenue specialist or growth specialist? Make sure you hire a person that has actually done it in the real world as an employee in senior management or in their own business. Do they truly understand what it takes to make those decisions? Making the wrong choices in business growth can have long-lasting effects. Remember….Yesterday and today’s plan and actions need to be different and the new changes needed to get different results for growth and development. Firebird Business Consulting limited expertise involves developing marketing strategies and advertising programs, Consulting on sales processes and business sustainability and training in long-term planning for a profitable future. Proven track record building companies, culture, and sales teams.

A few questions to think about. What are a few things you can do to take your business to the next level? What does your business need to do this? Is your goal large enough? Are you taking the right steps and actions to get you closer to that target?

First we create a high-level plan and then mini-plans to get you closer to the ultimate goal. Your high-level plan is what your vision is for your company to be at a larger state. We will then need to start to develop a revenue strategy with many steps to achieve smaller goals. The trick is to be disciplined and trust the process! We are constantly bombarded with life’s daily challenges and that can distract us from our strategy, pulling us away from the smaller goals. We can easily get wrapped up in doing the stuff that keeps our business alive or not focusing on development and growth. The key is knowing with smaller things can wait or not be done at all, without sacrificing customer service in revenue.

Secondly Firebird Business Consulting Ltd looks at what you doing now in your business. We look at your marketing, your brand, revenue, profits, staff, support staff etc. Then make the adjustments needed for scaling your business. We then look at how you were measuring these targets or rungs in the ladder? We put timelines in place and try to stick to them. Constantly bearing in mind your ultimate goal.

The third thing is we discussed to make sure you know what you are venturing into. And start putting the plan into motion. Hiring a professional can give you advice and will minimize your risk and capitalize on the opportunity. Sometimes the decisions that you think are harmless can sometimes have catastrophic consequences to your business.

For thing is understanding that your business will evolve, this evolution will change your people’s roles and responsibilities within the company. We will you make sure you communicate that to your employees? Because when things change, your staff’s feelings can be affected. We pay attention to how the growth is affecting your company and who it is affecting internally and externally.

Going to the next level takes courage, risk and confidence. You, your family, your company and staff are stepping out of the comfort zone. Sometimes just getting by isn’t good enough. No risks no rewards! You have to be confident enough to stay the course all the while making sure you were looking at market Intel, opportunities and external factors. We don’t only stay focused on the plan and pay attention to what is going on because you might have to change your strategy and plan.

We make a plan with you to maximize your next steps.

Finally once we reach the target/goal that you never thought you would reach….we put a different plan or strategy in place with the same principles. We have the experience in growing startups and up to 100 million dollar companies. At Firebird Business Consulting Ltd we take your business to the next level.

Call 306-241-6215

Website: https://www.firebirdbusinessconsulting.ca

#NextLevel #Believe #Success#FirebirdBusinessConsulting#Saskatoon #yxe #Achieve#BusinessDevelopment #Desire#HardWork #Motivation #Strategy#StrategicPlanning #Branding#BusinessPlans #BusinessConsulting#ManagementConsulting#SocialMedia #Advertising#WebsiteDevelopment #SEO #Ecommerce#EmailMarketing #ERP#ListBuilding

Firebird Business Consulting Ltd – Saskatoon – yxe – Roger Grona – About

The mission statement for Firebird Business Consulting Ltd. is to “commit and provide business owners a strategy to dominate and lead their industry for profitable growth”

Firebird Business Consulting is proudly 100 percent Métis owned

7 years Senior Sales Management 8 years Senior Media Marketing/Sales and experience that involves setting/planning profit based sales targets (writing and executing), We/I understand the importance of large sales quotas and what it takes to meet them. Developed excellent media marketing plans that position brands of that particular industry leader. Other Senior Sales Management experience: recruited, hired, mentored, and motivated the sales team and other departments. Prepared reports by collecting, analyzing and summarizing relevant market information.

If you want to learn about the owner of Firebird Business Consulting here is Roger’s Linkedin profile

check out our website: firebirdbusinessconsulting.ca

In advertising had the chance to work with almost every kind of business and industry, consulting on advertising, brand development, recruiting, and business growth in Saskatchewan (Saskatoon and Regina area)

Business, Sales, Marketing and Management Consulting Services

Rise from the ashes. Burst into flames with Firebird Business Consulting Ltd. and call 306-241-6215 to book your 1 hour free consultation.

Business Consulting Saskatoon Services – Firebird Business Consulting Ltd – yxe

Business Development, Restructuring Sales and Marketing Services – “Next Level Business Solutions” – Saskatoon and area – We help you grow your business!! We are Business Growth Specialists!! Rise from the ashes. Burst into flames with Firebird Business Consulting Ltd.

The mission statement for Firebird Business Consulting Ltd. is to “commit and provide business owners a strategy to dominate and lead their industry for profitable growth”

​Our ​BUSINESS EXPERTISE involves developing successful marketing plansconsulting on business developmentsustainability and training/coaching in long term planning for a profitable future.  SUCCESSFUL track record building culture, sales teams and overall company growth goals.  Sales and Management experience building small business to multi-million firms. We work with companies to maximize revenues and processes. Our sales experience is second to none.

Our GOAL is to make a difference improving and allowing you to help reach your business, sales and marketing goals and targets that best fit your company.

1) Direction / Strategy / Plan (Business Development) – We help layout a proper plan that will focus on improving the necessary areas to take your company to the next leveldefine your vision and get you back on track to your goal.

2) Revenue (Sales Consulting) – Experience that involves planning profit based sales targets (writing and executing), setting and meeting large sales quotas. Senior Sales Management experience: recruitment, hiring, mentorship and motivating the sales team and other departments. Preparation of reports by collecting, analyzing and summarizing relevant market information and using that information to roll out effective plans to generate revenue.

3) Self Improvement – Mentoring is a huge component to the program. We challenge your company in a positive way to be better at what you do and do better than the competition.

4) Advertising (Marketing Consulting) – We have purchased marketing and worked for companies that have sold advertising. Having that experience allows us to maximize your marketing budget. We know what the right strategy looks like for your company and what budget is needed to do the job.

5) Social Media – We also provide an online network that will help you get your message out. We are a marketing and sales company that models our teaching and teaches our clients how to maximize current social media to keep your company top of mind. We do what we preach online and it works. Check out our social media profiles and network. 

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6) Momentum– Having the right strategy is critical to the growth of your company. Implementing it and rolling it out properly is what drives momentum.

7)Risk Management– Make sure you have weighed out the pros and cons of growing your business. What will it take to reach your goal: more staff or bigger office space? Do you have the right sales people? Do you need a sales manager? Do you need an investor, mentor or consultant? Are there any risks that might set you back or knock you out of the business world all together?

8) Opportunities– Evaluating where you are sitting in the market and creating the opportunities to lead your company in your industry.

9) Process and Process Development – We assist in the development of process that drives results that best fits your business for today and future growth.

10) Business Plan and Proposal Writing – We have over 17 years of business expertise producing professional business plans and proposals that are personalized and understood by our clients.



Firebird Business Consulting Ltd. Contact Information:
Phone Number:306-241-6215

Address:#505 – 333 – 25th Street East, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, S7K 0L4

​email: roger@firebirdbusinessconsulting.ca

Please call or email to book your appointment